One Year Ago Today, We Made History

Elizabeth Warren made history a year ago today.

It's not just that Massachusetts voters showed up to the polls in record numbers to send Elizabeth to the United States Senate. It's the campaign we built -- the campaign you built -- that made it possible.

Elizabeth was a first-time candidate running against an incumbent Republican senator with a $10 million war chest. Closing the gap was never going to be easy; The former chair of the TARP Oversight Committee and the creator of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Elizabeth couldn't rely on high-dollar donors from Wall Street to max-out to our campaign.

Instead, we built a campaign relying on people like you. More than 350,000 people chipped in to fuel our campaign -- more than any other Senate campaign in history. Over 50 percent of our contributions were $25 or less, and more than 80 percent of contributions were $50 or less.

But it wasn't just the record amounts of money we raised that made this the biggest grassroots campaign in Senate history. We built a field program second only in size to a national presidential campaign. For Get Out the Vote (GOTV) weekend, 18,922 people knocked on doors and made phone calls for Elizabeth in every corner of Massachusetts. We stopped counting on Election Day, but on the Saturday to Monday leading up to November 6, our tireless team knocked on more than 346,000 doors and made more than 746,506 phone calls.

We didn't build that -- you did.

And here's a really cool thing: There weren't only a lot of us working hard, we worked smart. On Election Day, our sophisticated poll watching operation fed real-time data to our canvass and phone operations so that we didn't waste resources contacting people who had already voted -- and it worked. We tracked 452,780 people who already voted and didn't need to be reminded to go vote. Our GOTV operation turned out more voters -- 73.3 percent -- than ever before in Massachusetts history.

Yes, electing the first woman to the Senate from Massachusetts -- and protecting the Democratic majority nationwide -- was important. But just as important was how we did it: Person-by-person, town-by-town, community-by-community.

The other side had Wall Street, but we had hundreds of thousands of you.

I want to once again thank all the folks who knocked on doors, every student who rallied, all of you who answered our many (many, many!) email pleas and joined our grassroots campaign to elect this amazing and fearless leader to the Senate.

On this anniversary, let's raise a glass to what we accomplished and how awesome it was to be part of a team that elected Elizabeth to the Senate. Let's keep fighting to level the playing field for working families -- whether it's helping our students get an education without going broke or holding the big banks accountable when they break the rules. But let's also keep our commitment to helping the progressives running for Senate in 2014. We can build it again!