Elizabeth Wilkowski, Atlanta Woman, Claims E-Cigarette Explosion Almost Destroyed Her Home

Woman Claims E-Cigarette Explosion Almost Destroyed Her Home

An Atlanta woman claims her home was nearly destroyed after her electronic cigarette exploded, lighting her couch and rug on fire.

Elizabeth Wilkowski said she was charging her E-hit brand e-cigarette in her computer when it exploded, according to various local media reports.

“It sounded like a bomb, okay, my walls rattled, okay, it shook the house up, I screamed, you know?,” Wilkowski told a local ABC affiliate. “It was a real freak out moment.”

Like most e-cigarettes, the device Wilkowski used was produced in China. A representative from Seego, which makes E-hit, told the Huffington Post on Wednesday that the company stopped producing the E-Hit model three months ago “for market reasons,” but the product is still listed on its website.

Seego has yet to respond to a complaint from Wilkowski, she told ABC. The company told HuffPost that based on the photos and videos appearing in news reports, Wilkowski wasn't using a charger made by the company.

Wilkowski’s experience illustrates the dangers of the rapidly growing industry that has remained largely immune from regulation in the U.S.

E-cigarette sales are poised to reach $1.7 billion, according to the New York Times, as Americans smoke fewer cigarettes. And while U.K. officials said earlier this year that e-cigarettes should be regulated like medicines, the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t imposed rules on e-cigarettes yet.

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