Pro Soccer Players Spread Message Of Love With Beautiful Wedding Photo

Women’s soccer still has people buzzing, thanks to incredible performances during the Women's World Cup. Now, there’s another reason to celebrate some of the talented players.

Erin McLeod, goalkeeper for Canada during the 2015 Women’s World Cup, married Ella Masar, her Houston Dash teammate, and shared a special photo on Twitter on July 8.

Masar also shared news of the big event on Instagram with a post filled with love and gratitude. In the caption, she responded to people who reached out to the couple, including those who might not agree with the marriage.

 In the past, Masar has written about her experiences with both her faith and her sport.

 "I am often surrounded by people living ungodly lifestyles, specifically when it comes to homosexuality," she wrote. "As a Christian, sometimes I am ridiculed for not going along with the crowd, but I do my best to explain to them that, as a Christfollower, I still love them even though I am not going to agree with what they do. To me, that demonstration of love is a powerful witness for Him."

In a more recent piece for Pitchside Report dated March 2015, Masar offered another view and opened up about her relationship with McLeod.

 "You see, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that I am deeply in love with Erin Katrina McLeod," she wrote. "Yes, I know, she is a woman. Yes, I hear you, it is wrong. Yes, I know, I am sinning. Yet, please tell me who can throw the first stone?"

The soccer player went on to praise her partner and highlighted the many things she's taught her.

"She has shown me that even when we feel defeated and broken, tomorrow is always a new day and that to make someone else smile is one of the greatest gifts that we have as a human being," she wrote. "Lastly, she has shown me that true selfless love never fails."

Congratulations, Erin and Ella!

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