'Facebook VP' Apologizes To Drag Community On Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen took a few minutes out of her show yesterday to personally hold Facebook accountable for the turmoil it has put the drag community through during the past several weeks.

Well... sort of. In hilarious Ellen fashion, the talk show host had one of her employees pose as a "Facebook VP" and personally read the names of a (made up) list of drag queens who had their names changed by Facebook's "real name" policy.

Last month a large number of individuals operating personal profiles on Facebook under pseudonyms, stage names, or any name not matching their legal name were told they either had to change their profile to match their "legal name" or risk deactivation. The move was met with protests and backlash, and eventually led to Facebook backing down and apologizing.

In this clip from Ellen, she has her "Facebook VP" read out the names of supposed drag queens who were affected by this policy -- such as Lucielle Balles and Wilma Fingerdoo.

Check out the clip above.

(h/t Towleroad)



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