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Elle Macpherson Ad Resurfaces On Twitter To Stir Up Outrage (PHOTO)

Elle Macpherson might have gotten married this weekend, but it wasn't all good news for the supermodel. A series of old ads for her lingerie line, Elle Macpherson Intimates, resurfaced on Twitter after one bra enthusiast took issue with a 2004 print ad called "Blue Shoes."

The advertisement depicts a woman laying on the ground, seemingly helpless, wearing nothing but lingerie and blue shoes with her face hidden. "This woman looks fragile frightened & defenseless," tweeted Aussie bra entrepreneur Renee Mayne. She added, "WTF was Elle MacPherson Intimates thinking when they released this image It goes against EVERYTHING lingerie is about."

Despite the ad having circulated for nearly a decade, Twitter was none too pleased with the photo in question, with users calling the ad "Disturbing. Not cool" and "rapey."

Ironically, back in 2004, another Elle Macpherson Intimates advertisement caused controversy, but it wasn't "Blue Shoes." An ad showing a woman viewed who appeared to be masturbating raised ire from consumers and was banned by Advertising Standards Authority, despite Vogue defending the image as "beautiful with no disturbing undertones."

"Blue Shoes" isn't still in circulation in magazines or newspapers, so it can't really be banned. But that hasn't stopped the Twittersphere from sounding off.

See the ad below. Do you find it disturbing?

More ads that raised eyebrows:

Banned Ads (NSFW)

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