Elle Mills Delivers A Coming Out Video We'll Never Forget

The YouTube star got colorful (and musical) when opening up about her sexuality.

Coming out videos on YouTube are more popular than ever, but when it comes to sheer creativity, Elle Mills just set a new standard. 

The 19-year-old Canadian, who boasts over 650,000 YouTube subscribers and 305,000 Twitter followers, says her fans have asked her repeatedly how she identifies. Never one to do anything half-hearted, Mills opted to take viewers through each step of her journey, revealing how she came out as bisexual to her friends, family and, ultimately, her YouTube audience. 

“Throughout my life, I’ve always found boys cute,” Mills explains in the nearly five-minute clip, which features music by Nat King Cole and Diana Ross. “But deep down, I knew I had other attractions as well. It’s a side of myself that I’ve been so scared of that I’ve heavily repressed it.”


Mills’ video introduces viewers to another queer social media personality, Dion Yorkie. He happens to be the first person Mills came out to ... after knowing him for just 55 minutes. Mills then takes an ingenious approach when deciding to reveal her latest crush, who happens to be another girl, to her friends. 

Things take an emotional turn, however, as Mills prepares to come out to her family. “It’s kinda hard for me because I’m such a surface level person,” she tearfully explains. “I don’t like talking about my feelings, and it’s very hard for me to open up to someone.”

Ultimately, Mills rises to the challenge ... by completely covering the front of her home in rainbow-colored wrapping paper. 

Welcome to the family, Elle! Here’s to an authentic (and imaginative) life!  

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