Ellen Gave Andy Cohen A Custom RompHim And Yes, It Looks Ridiculous

Of course Ellen put her face on it.

Ellen DeGeneres is always up on the latest trends, so of course she gifted her buddy Andy Cohen with the internet’s most controversial new clothing item. 

Cohen played his own game, “Plead the Fifth,” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where he disappointingly did not spill the tea on any celebrities. (Although he did suggest he might have beef with Nicki Minaj.) Despite failing to provide his host with any juicy gossip, Cohen still received a gift from her.

Yes, it was a men’s romper. 

“Oh, my god, I am fully ... this is amazing,” Cohen responded.

For anyone who has been living under a rock, the RompHim is a Kickstarter campaign for a male romper that made people on Twitter go wild.

True to form, DeGeneres obtained one and put her face on it for her guest. Cohen’s custom romper features his face, too, alongside the phrase “Laugh, Dance, Mazel” on a tie-dyed background reflecting his love for The Grateful Dead.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Cohen is actually going to wear it. 

“I might have it taken in a little bit,” he noted. 

“Do it! And belt it, if you want,” DeGeneres told him.

Guess RompHim just got their celebrity spokesperson.