Ellen DeGeneres And Britney Spears Test The Limits Of Celebrity In Mall Prank Gone Oh So Right

"You know what we should do? Anything we want."

Seeing Britney Spears out in the wild is a rare and beautiful thing, so imagine the reaction of local mallgoers when she and Ellen DeGeneres showed up at Los Angeles’ Westfield Fashion Square to wreak some havoc.

As part of the Season 14 premiere of “The Ellen Show,” the talk show host played the devil on Britney’s shoulder to encourage the pop star to see just how far celebrity cred gets you at establishments like Pottery Barn and Ben & Jerry’s. 

(Hint: it gets you everything.)

In the clip, the two galavant around the mall, basically acting like fools, doling out damaging advice to parents and their children and pilfering mall items where they see fit. 

But, honestly, the biggest takeaway is that Britney’s go-to ice cream flavor is I Dough, I Dough.



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