Ellen DeGeneres Flag Will Remain On Willis Tower For A Week

In a quest for world domination, Ellen DeGeneres came to Chicago's tallest building and proclaimed: ""--well, in flag form at least.

The talk show host, wanting a flag featuring a picture of her face on top of a "really tall building" connected with Randy Stancik, the general manager at Willis Tower, and made it happen, NBC Chicago reports:

Determined to beat out friendly rival Oprah, DeGeneres told Stancik, "I want my flag on the tallest building in Chicago. How tall is Oprah's house?"

Turns out, Oprah's house is not as tall as the Willis Tower's "Ledge," allowing her flag to be displayed at 1353 feet.

The flag went up Wednesday, and will remain for about a week. No word yet on whether the building will be renamed "Ellen Tower."

Watch the Ellen flag take over Willis Tower:

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