Ellen DeGeneres Had Two Glasses Of Wine And Ended Up In The Emergency Room

A saga of epic proportions.

What happened to Ellen’s finger? That was the question on everybody’s mind when the talk show host showed up to work after a minor accident landed her in the hospital. 

Ellen DeGeneres revealed she recently dislocated her finger after having a couple of drinks at a dinner party with wife Portia de Rossi, and somehow lived to tell the tale.

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘How can you host a show without the tip of [your] ring finger?’ I am not gonna let this thing beat me. I am not,” DeGeneres joked Tuesday on “Ellen.”

“So, you know how in gymnastics when you do a one-handed cartwheel and you have to spread the weight evenly between all your fingers?” the host joked. “Well, I had two glasses of wine and fell into a door.”

She continued, “The dogs were so excited to see us, and I caught the lip of the top step. I was a foot away from the door, and I fell into the door, and it did something to my finger. I knew something was wrong.”

The comedian and the “Arrested Development” actress then drove to the nearest emergency room for an X-ray and, naturally, DeGeneres shared the results with all of us.

The doctors were able to snap her finger back into place. (”You can see why they have to go to eight years of medical school.”) DeGeneres later returned home, after a few selfies with fellow patients.

Somehow, the host managed to keep it together and interview “Homeland” star Claire Danes later in the show, but she’ll forever be changed by the accident. 

“It was a hard weekend for me, but I put on a brave face and I made it through,” she joked. “Luckily, my friends from Shutterfly heard my story and they love helping people out in need, so they wanted to present me with this check for $10,000, which is so nice,” she said. “Thank you so much. I’m no hero, but I deserve this. I’m gonna watch my steps very carefully as I dance.”

Of course, DeGeneres decided to pay it forward and donate her $10,000 to people in need.

Watch the video above for the full account. 



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