Ellen DeGeneres Has Tessa Virtue And Scott Moir Play 'Definitely Not Dating' Game

People have been speculating about the figure skating pair's romantic life for decades.

Ellen DeGeneres, like everyone else on planet Earth, really wants Canadian figure skating Olympians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir to be a couple. 

The talk show host brought the gold medal-winning duo on her show on Monday and had absolutely no chill in asking if they’re dating.

“A lot of people are saying that there is more than just chemistry there, that you’re a couple ... So, I mean ... Are you a couple?” asked DeGeneres, flashing a saucy photo of the skaters during one of their sexy routines.

People have been speculating for years ― decades even ― whether Virtue and Moir are an item. Both have repeatedly denied any romantic attachments. But they’ve been dancing as a pair for 20 years, and look incredibly hot together on the ice ― which makes their denials seem a little thin.

Like ... come on!!!

Virtue responded to DeGeneres’ question like she has to similar queries in the past, saying that fans’ hopes for a romance are “a compliment … that people feel invested in our partnership is truly remarkable.”

The couple then shared a well-worn story about how they once dated when they were preteens, but Moir ended the budding romance.

The Olympians then went on to play the “The Definitely Not Dating Game” with DeGeneres, guessing each other’s answers to silly questions like, “What is Scott’s favorite TV show?” and, “What is Tessa’s guilty pleasure?” and “Does Scott like to wear boxers or briefs?”

They weren’t that good at guessing each other’s answers, so maybe they’re telling the truth after all. You be the judge.

Watch the whole clip above.



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