Ellen DeGeneres X-pertly Roasts The Hell Out Of The iPhone X

Preach, Ellen, preach!

Ellen DeGeneres dialed up the funny as she slammed Apple’s new pricey gadgets on her talk show Wednesday. 

Ellen told her audience that just like Apple, she had “a big announcement” to make. And that announcement? It was that she’s found a few flaws in Apple’s marketing of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (the “X” stands for “10”).

For starters, she told us exactly what we should do with our current iPhones:

“The iPhone X is out, so if anyone has an iPhone, just throw that away.”

Then, she transitioned into what she thinks the X in iPhone X stands for:

“It sells for $1,000. So the ‘X’ stands for expensive.”

But the laughs certainly didn’t end there. Ellen went on to prove she’s a straight-up comedic X-pert with her hysterical takedown of the new phones’ design and facial recognition.

To see the hilarity in its entirety, check out the clip above.



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