Ellen DeGeneres' JCPenney Ads Debut During The Oscars (VIDEOS)

WATCH: Ellen Time Travels, Dons Toga And Pays Tribute To Lucille Ball In JCPenney Ads

Ellen DeGeneres' highly-anticipated JCPenney commercials made their television debut during the Academy Awards broadcast -- and we're absolutely loving them!

The 54-year-old talk show queen travels through a bevy of time periods in the new ads. In one, she grumbles over the cost of a "My Fair Lady"-like hat in Edwardian London, then struggles to return a toga during a visit to ancient Rome. She even pays homage to fellow comedian Lucille Ball in one clip, set in a classic 1950s TV bedroom.

No word on what the anti-gay group One Million Moms, who threatened to boycott JCPenney for appointing DeGeneres as their spokesperson because she is a lesbian, might think of the commercials -- but we're giving them an enthusiastic thumbs up!

Check out Ellen's new ads -- and vote on your favorite below:

Ellen DeGeneres' JCPenney Commercials 2012

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