Megan Mullally Didn't Realize Ellen Was Gay When They Became Friends

The host and her girlfriends had a few laughs because of Mullally’s naiveté.

Megan Mullally dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday where ― among other things ― she opened up about her longtime friendship with the host, which spans more than three decades. 

The “Will & Grace” star recalled the days that she and DeGeneres lived a block away from each other in Los Angeles. Over time, she said, she began noticing the unusual kinship DeGeneres would develop with each of her roommates, who happened to be women.  

Mullally “never, for one second” suspected the truth, however ― that DeGeneres was gay

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh, that’s nice, Ellen has this lovely roommate ... they really seem like they get along great,’” the actress said. “And then, as the years went on, [she] had a lot of really lovely roommates, and I thought, ‘Ellen just gets along so well with people. People are just drawn to her like a magnet.’” 

As it turned out, Mullally’s naiveté afforded DeGeneres and her girlfriends a lot of laughs over the years. 

“I remember you’d be, like, cracking up,” she told DeGeneres, “and I’d be like, ‘Why are they laughing at me?’” 

Watch the full segment below.