Ellen DeGeneres Named 'Most Likable Woman in Hollywood' To No One's Surprise

If you've ever tuned into "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," this news will come as no real surprise to you. The loveable goof, who's been a small screen fixture for a couple decades now, seems to rub everyone the right way. Now, a survey from iHeartRadio has the numbers to back that up.

The digital radio site asked its listeners to rate their "Most Likeable Woman in Hollywood" and, you guessed it, Ellen landed on top with a whopping 35.1 percent. Jennifer Lawrence, another adorkable star, had nearly half as many votes: 17.7 percent.

Emma Stone landed in third place with 13.4 percent of the votes and Anna Kendrick rounded up the list in 7th place with 2.6 percent.

Head over to iHeartRadio.com to see if your favorite leading lady made the list.

P.S. -- Not convinced Ellen's a worthy choice? We give you:



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