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Ellen DeGeneres Adds 'Lifestyle Guru' To Her Resume, Wants You To Buy A $365 Plate

Ellen has VERY good taste.

It seems like most celebrities either launch a lifestyle brand or start a clothing line these days. Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon and Melissa McCarthy have all done one or the other and now we can another name to the list -- Ellen DeGeneres.

According to its website, the "ED By Ellen" line consists of "beautifully designed, high quality collection of women’s apparel, accessories and decorative home" items. The line debuted on June 30 and will be sold exclusively on EDbyEllen.com.


According to a press release, the items range from reasonable to really pricey, as apparel and accessories will run for $25 to $395 and home items will sell for $25 to $365 (you can view that $365 cake plate here).

“I set out to fill a void in the marketplace of high quality, comfortable yet chic and easy-to-wear pieces with impeccable detailing," said DeGeneres in a statement. "That’s what makes it so special and why I’m so thrilled my ED line is launching and everyone can finally have a piece of me… You know what I mean."

Scroll through more photos of "ED by Ellen" below:

Ellen DeGeneres Style Evolution