Ellen DeGeneres Scares The Heck Out Of Matt Lauer To Reignite Prank War


There may never be peace in this prank war.

Ellen DeGeneres shocked “Today” host Matt Lauer ― and we mean SHOCKED ― when a man in a dress burst out of a box as they conversed on her show Thursday.

“No!” Lauer said as he tried to compose himself. “It’s so petty. It’s so childish.”

DeGeneres seemed pretty darn proud of herself. “That was my favorite so far,” she said.

In a 2015 prank, DeGeneres made Lauer appear as if he were shirtless in bondage gear during a “Fifty Shades Of Grey” interview. A vengeful Lauer later stuffed DeGeneres’ car with thousands of pingpong balls.

This time, DeGeneres had producer Corey Palent dress like Lauer’s “Today” colleague Savannah Guthrie, waiting to pop out. When the discussion turned to Guthrie and Lauer’s musical tastes, the jack-in-the-box moment happened.

You can watch it happen around the 3:25 mark.



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