Ellen And Drew Barrymore Swipe Right Or Left On Celebs And It's So Good

Drew has a *thing* for John Oliver.

It can be scary dipping back into the dating pool after divorce. Luckily, newly single Drew Barrymore has Ellen DeGeneres to help her test out the waters.

On Thursday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the “Santa Clarita Diet” star played a game of “would you swipe right or left on these celebs?” with the TV host. (It starts at the 4:14 mark.)

To start things off, Ellen put Harry Styles on the big screen. Sorry One Direction fans, but Drew swiped left.

“No! He’s like 2!”

But John Oliver? He’s totally swipe-right material in her book.

“Ohh, yes!” the 41-year-old star shouted. “Totally for me John Oliver would be the one. But he’s married so I’m sorry to his wife, by the way. I’m not being lascivious!”

It’s OK, Drew, who can resist a man with a British accent, political smarts and a mean tie game?

Watch the clip above for more.

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