Ellen's New Segment Calls Out Straight People For Crazy Behavior

Oh, straight people!

Have you ever noticed that straight people are responsible for doing some wacky stuff?

Ellen DeGerenes certainly has ― and she’s created a new segment, “Oh, Straight People!” to mock their (often ridiculous) ways.

Seemingly riffing on ― and refuting ― the stereotype that queer people are the ones who do strange or unusual things, Ellen explained the nature of the segment in simple terms.

“I’m going to show you a headline — it’s a real headline — about straight people and then I will say, ‘Oh, straight people!’ and then I’ll move on to the next headline,” she told her studio audience.

And by featuring headlines like “wife stabs husband with ceramic squirrel because he didn’t buy beer” and “Melania Trump and Ivana are fighting over who is the real First Lady,” she doesn’t really need to say much more to make her point, does she?

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