Ellen Page Joins Instagram, Talks About Coming Out

Ellen Page isn't just an A list star -- she's also a social media maven.

In the last year she used Twitter to slam an anti-gay preacher who gave her grief after she came out in February 2014, she lashed out at the Queen of England for honoring an anti-gay politician, and she even took time out of her busy celebrity life to rename people's dogs.

But one thing Page hasn't done is join Instagram, which is really unfair to all of us who want to see (and not just read) about what the "X-Men" star is up to on any given day.

Until now.. that is.

Yes! It's true: Ellen Page has finally joined Instagram!

The actress currently only has three photos on her profile (she's in Rio for Carnival right now) but has already accrued a following of over 30,000 followers -- even with the limited profile engagement.

While celebrating in the southern hemisphere, Page told reporters that her decision to come out was the best one she's ever made.

"I decided [to come out] because I was sad, I felt uninspired, I felt uncomfortable, it hurt relationships, I felt guilty for not being out, and it was time," Page told a reporter in Rio De Janeiro.

Want more photo goodness from Page in the future? Head here to check out and follow the actress' Instagram. And check out the full interview with Page from Rio at the top of this story.



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