Ellen Pompeo Calls Out Daniel Craig After His Bond Comments Go Viral

Is Daniel Craig done-done-done-done-done-done-done, done-done-done-done-done-done-done? Done-done? Done? Done-done? Done?

Actress who has played one role for an inordinately long time, Ellen Pompeo of "Grey's Anatomy," had some harsh words for Daniel Craig after he apparently told Time Out London that he'd "rather break this glass and slash my wrists" than do another James Bond movie.

The British actor's comments went viral as people were surprised and appalled that a moment has come in Craig's life where he no longer wants to play an aging espionage-themed womanizer in a blockbuster franchise.

Pompeo, who has played Dorian Gray Dr. Meredith Grey for over a decade, despite almost every other original co-star leaving the show since the start, was not having Craig's desire to bow out, as she tweeted:


People really seem to want this Bond to die another day. 

Pompeo did end up providing a quantum of solace and back-tracked a bit, agreeing with commenters that Craig's statement may have been taken out of context.

Do you think this will be Craig's last Bond movie?

Should Craig join the cast of "Grey's Anatomy" and Pompeo become the next Bond so they could shoe-swap?

Should everything you love continue on forever indefinitely and should nothing ever change?

How is death still inevitable in 2015?



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