Ellen Pompeo Drags 'Old White Guy TV Docs' After Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz Backlash

The "Grey's Anatomy" star has a zero tolerance policy for pundits preaching "stupid selfish s**t" during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo has prescribed a healthy dose of internet dragging to “old white guy TV docs” for their irresponsible commentary during the coronavirus pandemic.

While the actor didn’t mention anyone by name, she seemingly took aim at Phil “Dr. Phil” McGraw and Dr. Mehmet Oz in a series of tweets posted on Saturday, calling out certain parties for making “careless statements in this environment when so many healthcare workers are suffering physically and emotionally.”

“Staying home is for very good reasons... one of them is to stop the spread to nurses doctors and anyone who works in a hospital housekeeping... security... maintenance... to keep their risk of contracting lower and the hospitals can only handle so much intake,” Pompeo tweeted.

Ellen Pompeo arrives at the InStyle Awards in October 2019.
Ellen Pompeo arrives at the InStyle Awards in October 2019.
VALERIE MACON via Getty Images

She then directed her ire to TV doctor pundits who preach “stupid selfish shit” during a global health crisis.

“Walk that shit [right] back to your lazy boys and sit your stupid asses down in your living rooms on your golf courses where you live... tired out of touch old fools,” Pompeo wrote.

Both Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz came under fire this week for their seemingly callous responses to the global pandemic in two separate live TV interviews.

Earlier this week, Dr. Phil seemingly downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak during an appearance on Fox News by comparing deaths from COVID-19 to fatalities linked to smoking, car crashes and accidental drownings.

Dr. Oz, meanwhile, sparked outrage on the same network after describing the reopening of schools as a “very appetizing opportunity” and appearing to brush off the “2 to 3%” of additional deaths projected to happen in that scenario, which would amount to thousands of lives lost.

Both have since clarified their statements, with Dr. Oz walking back his comments, but apparently not to Pompeo’s satisfaction.

Later in the day, she retweeted photos of Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew Pinsky (who’s also courted some coronavirus-related controversy), accusing them of being out of touch with real health care workers.

“They have been so busy in their dressing rooms getting their faces powdered and worrying about their ratings... they have no idea what doctors and healthcare professionals on the front lines actually do or they just don’t care,” Pompeo wrote on Twitter.

After production on “Grey’s Anatomy” shut down last month, the series, which Pompeo produces, donated medical supplies and props to those working on the front lines of the outbreak, as did another medical drama, “Station 19.”

Pompeo has since regularly shared photos of health care workers on her social media, sending them virtual support and sharing their stories with her millions of followers.

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