Watch Ellen DeGeneres Scare The Bejeezus Out Of Selena Gomez ... Twice

Ellen just sits there like nothing happened at all.

When celebrities schedule an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," it should be a general rule of thumb to prepare for a scary surprise. Ellen is famous for pranking everyone from Lea Michele to Emily Blunt, but around Halloween -- she always amps it up a notch

Selena Gomez became Ellen's latest target when the singer was on the show's set for an appearance airing Friday.

Gomez, who recently revealed that she has lupus and underwent chemotherapy as treatment,  sat down with the host to talk about everything from her diagnosis to being in Taylor Swift's squad. 

No sooner did the two get on the topic of Taylor when a staffer jumped out of a box dressed as a sparkly Taylor Swift. Watch the spook-tacular surprise unfold: 

"Is that my third time or second time, being scared?" asked Gomez, after regaining her composure. She later told Ellen that she wanted "a full-on [scare]." 

"You've got to get me good!" said Gomez.

Ellen didn't disappoint, as Selena was scared for a SECOND time later in the show, by a man dressed up as Elsa from "Frozen."

And yes, she got her good. 

Watch a compilation of Ellen's best "scares" in this montage below: 

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