Ellen Edits Herself Into 'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All' (VIDEO)

Just in case you needed another reason to completely adore Ellen DeGeneres, she went and edited herself into "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All."

"I can tell you that Portia’s a little upset, because she thought I was gonna be on 'The Amazing Race,'" she faux-told host Chris Harrison.

For those of you that aren’t against-your-better-judgment avid viewers of "The Bachelor" series, "The Women Tell All" episode essentially consists of the women who have been rejected by the Bachelor (in this case it’s the ever dopey-looking Ben Flajnik) dishing on all of the previous weeks’ drama. Think: lots of dirty looks, eye rolls, forced apologies and back-pedaling about bad behavior. And since Ellen can do no wrong, especially in a sparkly metallic striped jacked, this particular "Bachelor" episode is about 100 times better with her in it.

Degeneres takes the place of this season’s "super-villain," model/on-air mean girl Courtney Robertson, in Chris Harrison’s hot seat. She even does all of Courtney’s signature faces exactly right -- complete with raised eyebrows and pursed lips. But unlike Courtney, who like most of the girls said she wasn’t on the show “to make friends,” Ellen disagreed.

"I really did come here to make friends,” she said. “I was not here for Ben. I mean, let’s face it, I was here ... for the girls."

The real Bachelor contestants seem enthusiastic about Ellen’s spoof. Contestant Jaclyn Schwartz tweeted:

Watch the video and tell us -- would you watch "The Bachelor" if Ellen was on it?