Ellie Goulding Blames Alleged Lip-Syncing On 'The Sound Guy'

Be careful. A sound guy is on the loose.

Ellie Goulding's alleged lip-syncing scandal is turning into one hell of a something.

The incident happened Saturday at the Australian Football League pre-game show. There, Goulding was supposed to perform "Love Me Like You Do," but the song seems to play on without her.

Fan outrage ensued. And, after that, it was Goulding's turn.

The singer sent out a series of tweets about the incident. In one, she calls out her haters: 

In others, she explains she wasn't feeling well. OK, y'all?

And, finally, she called out the sound guy.

After Ashlee Simpson's lip-sync incident, she tried to blame it on her drummer, while on the other hand, Beyoncé just admitted to hers at the president's inauguration.

Is there a lesson there? Eh, maybe. But we don't have time to think about that. Not when there's a rogue sound guy on the loose!


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