Ellie Kemper Adorably Announces Pregnancy On 'The Tonight Show'

It's a miracle (of life)!

Congratulations are in order for Ellie Kemper -- the "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" star is pregnant! 

Kemper shared the good news Wednesday night on "The Tonight Show." Her announcement was straight to the point, yet somehow managed to be equally adorable and funny. 

After host Jimmy Fallon prompted her to share the news, Kemper said simply, "I have big news. I'm pregnant." 

Fallon then proceeded to talk to Kemper's baby bump, "Hi, baby! Hi! I can't wait until you see the show. Your mommy's very funny and very talented." 

The child will be the first for Kemper and her husband, Michael Koman, whom she wed in July 2012.

The actress, who was pregnant while filming the latest season of "Kimmy Schmidt," went on to describe just how bad she was at keeping her pregnancy a secret from her co-stars. 

Her character was supposed to ride a roller coaster in one episode, but Kemper didn't want to risk it. Instead, she, along with her boss Tina Fey, made up another excuse. 

"Because it was still so early on, we decided I would just tell people I have a back injury and that's why I can't ride the roller coaster. Makes sense," she said, jokingly adding, "I could not act like I had a back injury. I'm an actress, presumably."

Kemper continued, "Someone said, 'Oh, what's wrong?' And words escaped me. 'I sprained my spine.' You can't do that! I'm a bad liar."

She said she kept forgetting she was supposed to be injured, so she "kept doing things someone with a back injury can't do."

Watch her talk more about her "back injury" in the video above. 

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Season 2 premieres on Netflix April 15. 



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