Eliot Glazer's 'Golden Girls' Tattoo Is The Most Life-Enhancing Thing Ever (VIDEO)

Once you see it, you'll never get 'Thank You For Being A Friend' out of your head.

I lost about 3 hours last night watching TLC's "America's Worst Tattoos" and came to one main conclusion: Tattooing a tribal symbol, fairy, dolphin or a slogan in Gothic-style script is like forever wearing a t-shirt that says "I went through a crisis during the '90s. Excuse me while I listen to my Dishwalla CD."

They should've just followed the lead of comedian Elliot Glazer and got a "Golden Girls" tattoo instead. Because if there's anything that stands the test of time, it's Dorothy Zbornak's expression of mild disapproval and vague disgust. Check out the above HuffPost Live video to see Bea Arthur immortalized in ink and the unexpectedly touching reason why Glazer decided to go under the needle in honor of her.

Watch the full segment on HuffPost Live.

Glazer's tattoo is great, but the below ones...are not.

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