GOP Fundraiser Elliott Broidy Under Investigation For Seeking Money To Influence Trump: Report

The major Trump campaign fundraiser was forced to resign earlier this year.

Longtime Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy is under investigation by the Department of Justice for claims he has attempted to sell his influence with President Donald Trump’s administration to foreign officials, three sources familiar with the matter told The Washington Post in a story published Friday.

According to those sources, the DOJ is inquiring as to whether Broidy ― a major Trump fundraiser who’s no stranger to scandal ― promised those foreign officials that the U.S. would deliver on specific government actions in exchange for their paying him tens of millions of dollars. The allegations under scrutiny were leaked in emails sent to HuffPost earlier this year and reported on by several outlets

As one part of the alleged investigation, prosecutors are looking into whether Broidy tried to convince the Trump administration to extradite a Chinese dissident back to China ― a move desired by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In another part of the investigation, they are reportedly exploring whether Broidy attempted to earn $75 million from a Malaysian business official in exchange for getting the DOJ to end its investigation of a development fund run by the Malaysian government.

Broidy’s lawyer issued a statement Friday firmly denying those allegations. 

In April, Broidy resigned from his position as Republican National Committee deputy finance chairman after after admitting that he’d used Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to reach an agreement to pay $1.6 million to a Playboy model who became pregnant while he was having an extramarital affair with her. 



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