In NYC, It Takes 10 Cops To Arrest One Elmo

In NYC, It Takes 10 Cops To Arrest One Elmo

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Central Booking?

A costumed performer dressed as Elmo was arrested Tuesday night in New York's Times Square.

WABC reports that 10 plainclothes police officers posing as tourists took photos with the character. She was taken into custody after demanding cash for the photos.

The suspect, Rosa Sanchez, 37, has been charged with aggressive solicitation.

Tipping costumed characters in Times Square is not required, and the NYPD is cracking down on performers who demand money in a sting called Operation Sesame Street.

A proposed law requiring the performers to get licenses could soon regulate the industry. The proposal came after several costumed performers reportedly groped and assaulted tourists.

The bust was relatively calm compared to a drunken Times Square brawl that saw performers dressed as Batman and Spider-Man arrested this weekend.

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