New York

Elmo Impostor Kicked Out Of Central Park Zoo For Harassing Tourists For Money (VIDEO)

The angry, "emotionally disturbed" Elmo impostor known to harass innocent New Yorkers in high-trafficked tourist spots is at it again, this time pestering visitors at the Central Park Zoo.

The evil Elmo was spotted screaming obscenities while the NYPD carried the impostor out in an ambulance on Sunday.

In 2009, he was caught hassling tourists strolling along in Times Square demanding they take pictures with him for cash. When refused, the impostor cursed them out. His rude behavior resurfaced in 2010.

Elmo-gone bad has defended his actions saying we New Yorkers just don't understand, "I'm not being rude. Taking an Elmo picture without paying is rude. It's called making a living." But really, isn't this the Elmo New York truly deserves?

Watch his insane rants below:

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