Elmo Sex Scandal Gets Taiwanese Next Media Animation Treatment (VIDEO)

Elmo can't catch a break.

Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese company famous for turning serious events into ridiculous animated shorts, has done it again. This video (below) comes on the heels of a third allegation of underage sex against Kevin Clash, the puppeteer and voice of Elmo on Sesame Street.

Elmo Sex Scandal NMA Treatment

We have no idea what's going on in the video either, but that's the point. It features a humanoid Elmo in a white suit riding a deer, apparently in reference to the unidentified "John Doe" who filed a lawsuit against Clash today. Then Elmo chokes Big Bird. Then Grover throws garbage. There are also a whole bunch of men dancing in their underwear.

"[John Doe] has been writing a book chronicling his experiences with Clash," the video states, "parts of which will be read at a press conference."

Just watch the video below. Or click through the slideshow above.

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