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This Dad Has A Message For Everyone: Stop Touching My Baby

"As a loving caring father, I’m asking society, could you stop touching my baby?”

Elon James White is glad you think his daughter is adorable, but he’d prefer you don’t touch her without asking.

He explains why in his new video, entitled “Dear Strangers, Please Don’t Touch My Kid,” which he released as part of his multimedia project “Daddy Game Proper.”

“As a loving caring father, I’m asking society, could you stop touching my baby?” he says in the video.

“If you wouldn’t touch a stranger, why do you feel like you should touch a child?” he goes on to say, adding that it isn’t sanitary and you should really ask permission first.

“It’s such a weird thing to me, because I see babies all the time and I don’t think ‘I should touch this child,’” he told HuffPost Parents. “And after mentioning it to other parents there seemed to be a shared ‘ugh!’ about this. Similar to women having their belly’s touched during pregnancy. Stop touching people, big or small, without permission!”

White is a father to almost-1-year-old Sidney Joyce White. He blogs, vlogs and tweets about life as a new dad using the hashtag #DGProper, shortened from #DaddyGameProper.

“I grew up without a father so making sure that my own daddy game was in fact, proper was and is very important to me,” he told HuffPost. “Not only did I want to break the cycle of abandonment, I wanted really jump into fatherhood.”

It seems like he’s off to a great start.

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