Elon Musk Tells Don Lemon Where He's 'Leaning' In Presidential Race

The tech giant revealed the candidate he's distancing himself from in the election.

Elon Musk told Don Lemon that he’s “leaning away” from President Joe Biden in the presidential race, the tech giant told the ex-CNN host just hours before Musk abruptly canceled X’s partnership with Lemon. (Watch it below.)

In a snippet played on CNN on Wednesday, Lemon asked Musk if he was leaning toward anyone in the election, prompting a no from the X owner. Lemon repeated the question.

“I’m leaning away from Biden,” Musk said, laughing.

Musk has said he voted for Biden in 2020, but recent posts on X have telegraphed his disapproval of the president. Earlier this month he accused the administration of “treason” and “importing voters” in the border crisis, setting the stage for an attack “far worse than 9/11.” Those who have talked to Musk confirm he wants Biden to lose, the New York Times reported.

Despite his implied preference for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, Musk reinforced a previous declaration that he was not donating to the criminally indicted former president’s campaign.

Lemon pressed Musk on his recent meeting with Trump in Florida, which Musk shrugged off as happenstance. Musk said he was having breakfast at a friend’s place and “Trump came by.”

Further pressed by the media personality about the conversation, Musk said, “Let’s just say [Trump] did most of the talking.”

Trump did not ask for money or donations, Musk said, and the tech mogul emphasized he was not helping Trump with his legal bills “in any shape or form.”

Since Musk canceled his X partnership with Lemon after the interview, what now stands as the premiere and finale from their deal will run in its entirety Monday on YouTube, Lemon said.

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