Elon Musk Shows Off Rocket-Building Tech Straight Out Of 'Iron Man'

Elon Musk's Latest Mind Blowing Invention

The spirit animal of Tony Stark in Elon Musk is at it once again, this time with an invention that really feels like it's straight out of "Iron Man."

After teasing a gesture controlled, 3D printing system for rocket parts in late August, today Musk unveiled a video of the system in action. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

In the video Musk uses hand gestures and a Leap Motion controller to assemble the blueprints for rocket parts that can potentially be used for his space exploration company SpaceX. After assembling some parts out of thin air, Musk shows off the fully colored 3D models of the rocket part and even demonstrates how the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset can be implemented in the process.

So watch the video and think about the different level that Musk's brain is working on. Then go back to just doodling on a piece of paper at work.


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