OAN Owner Gets Shut Down Quick After Claiming Elon Musk May Buy His Network

The Tesla mogul quickly let the air out of this "trial balloon."

The owner of the struggling One America News Network (OAN) suggested on Thursday that Elon Musk was interested in purchasing the conservative news outlet.

But no one was buying it ― especially the Tesla mogul.

It all started when OAN bigwig Robert Herring posted a tweet claiming the network had just received a call from “somebody very close” to the billionaire and that “he would like to talk to us about purchasing” the network.

Many Twitter users were skeptical of Herring’s claims since OAN is prone to spreading disinformation to the point where it is being sued for bogus election fraud claims.

Oh, and there’s the nagging issue that the network would be a big financial risk for any buyer since DirecTV announced it was dropping the right-wing conspiracy pusher ― something Herring admitted in March could cause it to close its doors permanently.

Musk quickly let the air out of Herring’s “trial balloon” with just two words: “Only Twitter” ― although his interest in that platform changes from day to day.

Even though both Herring and Musk have been known to stretch the truth when it benefitted them, many Twitter users enjoyed the quick dismissal of the OAN mogul’s claim.

But that doesn’t mean Herring isn’t getting offers, after all, it is a buyer’s market.

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