'Oh My F**king God': Elon Musk Stunned As Windows Crack On His 'Bulletproof' Cybertruck

"Room for improvement," quips Musk after he unveils his futuristic "Blade Runner" pickup.

The often surprising Elon Musk was stunned himself Thursday when two windows cracked during a demonstration of his futuristic, all-electric Cybertruck — which had been pitched as “bulletproof” and practically indestructible.

Longtime Tesla lead designer Franz von Holzhausen, following Musk’s orders, threw a small metal ball at the pickup’s driver-side window — and cracked it quite spectacularly after the vehicle’s unveiling in the Los Angeles area.

“Oh my fucking God,” Musk erupted as the audience gasped. “Maybe that was a little too hard.”

So von Holzhausen tried again, this time more softly lobbing a metal ball at a rear passenger window — and cracked it as well. There’s a “little room for improvement,” Musk quipped.

The stainless-steel angular vehicle inspired by the film “Blade Runner” “doesn’t look like anything else,” Musk boasted before the mishap. He explained in a tweet Friday that the window stunt had gone well in rehearsals.

Before the glass mishap von Holzhausen had pounded on the body of the truck with a mallet and failed to dent it.

Some on Twitter suspected that the shattered glass may have been a very successful publicity stunt. In any case, analyst Gene Munster of Loup Ventures told Bloomberg: “It’s classic Tesla. It’s poetic. I applaud the company for taking risks: This was not a boring presentation.”

Musk’s tastes have so far struck a chord with consumers. But his popular cars have also suffered glitches, including with the company’s touted autopilot system and links to accidents.

The Cybertruck will retail starting at $39,900. The reception on Twitter was a bit mixed. But “scores of customers” have already put down $100 deposits for the truck, which won’t be manufactured until late 2021 — at the earliest, according to Bloomberg.

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang tweeted Friday that the “world needed a Cybertruck without knowing it.”

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