Elon Musk Tweeted About Naming His New Boring Machine. You Know What Went Down.

Bory McBoreface, anyone?

People online just love to name things, and here’s yet more proof.

Elon Musk tweeted Friday about what to call his new tunneling machine ― and was immediately inundated with amusing pun-packed ideas.

Boaty McBoatface, the people’s choice of moniker for a new polar exploration ship that the United Kingdom government asked the public to name, inspired a raft of suggestions ― as did Musk’s name and various plays on the word “bore.”

The billionaire businessman and inventor even chimed in on some of the submissions:

It remains to be seen whether Musk will actually choose one of the suggested names for the machine, which reportedly forms part of his new venture, The Boring Company, which aims to create underground tunnel networks to relieve traffic congestion.

But for the record, here are some of the funniest suggestions. Our favorites? Borer the Explorer and Borat.

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