Elsa From 'Frozen' Has A Doppelgänger, And People Want Her To Be On 'Once Upon A Time'

Eighteen-year-old Anna Faith looks just like Elsa from "Frozen." So much so that she's an Elsa impersonator and has thousands of fans campaigning for her to get a spot on "Once Upon A Time," ABC's fairy tale drama series that borrows characters like Prince Charming, Rumplestilsken and Snow White.

The May finale of the show revealed that Elsa would join the "OUAT," and earlier this week reports indicated that her sister Anna and Anna's buddy Kristoff would also become part of the cast. Using #AnnaAsElsa, fans have been tweeting at ABC and "OUAT," asking that Faith be given a shot to play the ice queen on primetime. E! News reported that ABC was just starting to cast the roles (Kristen Bell is so down to be Anna again!), so maybe there's a sliver of hope for Faith.

Faith is a model, singer and actress from Florida, but also works as an Elsa look-alike performing at birthday parties and elementary schools. Think she pulls it off?

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