Elton John Attends His Class Reunion, 57 Years Later

Elton John Has Fab Time At His 57th Grammar School Reunion

Elton John isn't too cool to remember his roots. The 68-year-old music legend proved he's just like the rest of us when he attended his childhood grammar school's reunion over the weekend. He posted this photo of his classmates with the caption: "Lunch at home with dear old school friends. Many of whom I haven't seen for 50 years! It was as if we never left school. So much laughter and so many wonderful memories."

John attended Pinner County Grammar School as a young boy in his hometown of Pinner, Middlesex, England in the '50s — way before he was Sir Elton. His name back then was Reginald Kenneth Dwight. The school has another famous musical pupil -- Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Duran Duran.
We're not sure what the reunion entailed, but we can assume a lot of catching up and maybe Sir Elton graced everyone with a song or two. His classmates were probably aware of his musical talents before he made it big as John started playing the piano at age four and had dropped out of school by 17 to pursue his career in music.

Still, it's good to know that even a Grammy-winning artist is curious and humble enough to attend his own school reunion.

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