Elton John Recalls The Day He Inadvertently Snubbed Stevie Wonder

“I felt such a horror. I felt so bad,” the music legend said of the 1973 incident.

Elton John wasn’t feeling the love on his 26th birthday, so he inadvertently snubbed a serenade from Stevie Wonder that caused his publicist to burst into tears.

“I felt such a horror. I felt so bad,” the music legend recalled of the 1973 incident on Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Tonight Show.”

According to John, he’d wanted to be left alone on a flight following a show that hadn’t gone well. His publicist repeatedly asked him to go to the bar. There, unbeknownst to him, Wonder was waiting to sing “Happy Birthday.”

John relented after the publicist tearfully spilled the tea on the plan.

It was something “I will never forget and, as I say, I’m not very proud of,” John told host Jimmy Fallon.

Watch the interview here:

There are no hard feelings between John and Wonder, though.

Wonder is “one of my favorite people in the whole wide world,” John told Fallon.

John and Wonder collaborated on the song “Finish Line” on John’s new album, “The Lockdown Sessions.”

Listen to the track here:

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