Elvis Duran Interview: Z100 Host Marshals Halloween Spirit

Elvis Duran Interview: Z100 Host Marshals Halloween Spirit
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Just announced, the well known nationally syndicated z100 Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, will serve as Grand Marshal in New York City’s 43rd Annual Village Halloween Parade. Known for his fun show full of happy banter, teasing and hysterical phone taps, Elvis and his fellow Elvis Duran show personalities are the perfect choice to lead the long-standing NYC Halloween festive parade event. On Halloween, from 7 p.m. until 10:30 p.m., the gang will be guiding parade-revelers down Sixth Avenue, north of Spring St., to 16th St. reveling in unmasking a world of exciting intrigue and fun.

<p>The annual NYC Village Halloween Parade</p>

The annual NYC Village Halloween Parade

Photo courtesy of Village Halloween Parade

In true New York City style and tradition, the annual Village Halloween Parade has become a NYC fixture much like the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The difference is that all adorning costumes are invited to participate in the fun. “New Yorkers and visitors can come together to focus on the joy that inhabits the streets of New York on a night where we ask you to embrace your soulful imagination,” states Jeanne Fleming, Director of the Village Halloween Parade.

Fleming explains the thrill of having Elvis as Grand Marshall for this year’s parade.

“Elvis Duran embodies the excitement of the parade and his love for NYC and its traditions and life is what makes him the perfect marshal this year. We are thrilled to have Elvis and iHeartMedia involved to keep this great NYC tradition alive.”

Interview with Elvis Duran

<p>Elvis Duran of z100</p>

Elvis Duran of z100

Photo courtesy of Elvis Duran

Speaking with Elvis is like chatting with a comfortable friend. Duran has been a radio fixture since the 1980’s. He has spanned generations inviting new young listeners to join in his relevant show. He constantly reinvents to continue the listening enjoyment for all.

Carol Ruth Weber: When did you realize that being a Radio DJ was your calling?

Elvis Duran: When I was a kid I grew up as a loner and I enjoyed listening to the radio, especially when I was going to sleep at night. I literally thought that the DJ was my friend. At 14 I began working in radio. I ran the board at a little radio station in Dallas.

CRW: How did you come up with the idea of the Morning Show and why do you not call it the Morning Zoo anymore?

ED: I was working at z100 doing the afternoon show 21 years ago and got an offer to do the morning show at KTU. I had a contract with z100 that I could not get out of so they put me on their own morning show which at the time was known as the Zoo. Once we started going I thought we evolved past the Zoo name and when we were to be syndicated there was another program called the Zoo so it worked out.

CRW: Your phone taps are a mix of the old phony phone calls with a bit of Candid Camera fun - What inspired you to create this bit?

ED: Crank calling people is the oldest bit in the world. It started to become a big thing in stations and we started doing it too. It really worked out and has become almost like its own show.

CRW: What is your favorite Halloween story or adventure?

ED: It goes back to the Village Halloween Parade when I had an apartment on the parade route at 6th and 4th on the 5th floor. I had some friends over and had a big dinner. We had the windows open to all the excitement and the noise and confetti was being blown in! I always think of that great night with amazing friends watching the crowd packed in like sardines and the elaborate costumes going by. Being asked to be Grand Marshal is very exciting for me.

CRW: How do you feel about being given the honor of Grand Marshal of the perhaps most famed Halloween parade?

ED: To be the Grand Marshal of the most recognized Halloween parade in the world is so much fun. People plan for months and months to design their costumes and it is amazing. It is a true competition and amazing to watch everyone. I am going as a dark angel knight with big black wings and a lot of metal. Our float is to be vineyard and grape themed so I will be protector of grape harvest.

Elvis Duran is the perfect person to pick to lead this year’s parade in both his spirit and enthusiasm.

“I could not be more stoked for this opportunity. Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, but it’s about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves. I am so excited to share in this riveting evening and experience it with my fellow New Yorkers and listeners from across the globe.”

<p>Annual NYC Village Halloween Parade</p>

Annual NYC Village Halloween Parade

Photo courtesy of Village Halloween Parade

The legendary Village Halloween Parade has entertained the public on Halloween night for the past 42 years. This is the nation’s largest public participatory event in the greatest city in the world and annually attracts millions of people from around the globe. This year it will showcase hundreds of puppets, 53 bands spanning all genres of music, dancers, artists and thousands of New Yorkers and Big Apple visitors donning costumes of their own creation.

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