Elvis Presley PHOTOS: 12 Timeless Images Of The King To Remember Him By

Elvis Presley may be long since this world, but his memory has continued to thrive.

In commemoration of the 34th anniversary of the King's passing, we've compiled some of the most timeless images out there. Some of these you may have seen a million times, while others may spark an entirely new perception of the legend's life.

If the image of Elvis isn't quite enough to hold you over on this day of remembrance for fans, you can always listen to his music. HuffPost Culture has compiled a YouTube playlist of some of Presley's greatest hits, which you can access yourself, here.

If even that's not enough for you, the most hardcore Elvis fans are flocking to Graceland for a candlelight vigil tonight. But if you can't make the trek, we think we've got you covered.