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Elvis Presley's Bible Sells For $94,000 At Auction, But Stained Underwear Finds No Taker

You ain't nothin but underwear and you ain't no friend of mine.

Elvis Presley's old Bible was auctioned for a whopping $94,600 on Saturday but bidders turned their noses at a pair of the King of Rock and Roll's stained underpants, NBC News reported.

The Bible was reportedly given to the singer at his Graceland home in 1957, and bought by an American man based in Britain.

But a pair of Presley's soiled -- and, frankly, pretty gross -- tighty whities, worn underneath his white jumpsuit during a 1977 concert, only reached a bid of about $8,000. The reserve price was about $11,000, so it didn't sell, Rolling Stone reported.

elvis bible underpants

The paraphernalia was just one among more than 100 Elvis memorabilia pieces on sale at the Omega Auctions website.

"It was a really exciting atmosphere in the room, we had 300 people and there was bidding online and on the telephone across the world," Auctioneer Karen Fairweather told the BBC. "You could hear a pin drop when [the Bible] sold for that price."

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