9 Email Fails Sure To Make Your Coworkers Hate You

bored woman lying in front of a ...
bored woman lying in front of a ...

OK, so you want to give your client a kiss. Whatever you do, don’t do it over email.

Over two thirds of U.K. businessmen and women say giving an emoticon kiss (you know, these things: :-*) to clients over email is perceived as annoying in a new survey by OnePoll and Staples U.K., the Independent reports. The survey polled 1,000 workers in the U.K. and found that a number of email behaviors are viewed negatively, among them, smiley faces and being overly familiar by calling coworkers “honey.”

Another common pet peeve is failure to provide automated out-of-office responses or write ones that are considered abrupt or rude.

And the majority say sloppy mistakes in emails and poor writing may result in having "no faith" in the sender. Considering that people spend on average a quarter of their day reading and sending emails, it’s no surprise they can have strong feelings about it.

Check out below for nine of the most hated email etiquette blunders:

9 Email Etiquette Mistakes To Avoid