Email Your Mother, Mabel

A day of rest? Not so much. We did sleep later than usual, and decided to treat ourselves to a posh breakfast. We wanted sit down food, not takeaway, and curry need not apply. Heading to Waverly place, there's a tourist information store, which sold us a detailed map of Edinburgh, so even without wi-fi, we can look up a café or restaurant that we find recommended in a guide or brochure. I hesitate to print the name of the French café where we had our delightful breakfast. It would be awful if the place were even more crowded the next time we went, because people read this blog.

Sigh. Fine. It would be mean to not write about the best breakfast we've had here. La Barantine, at 89 West Bow street. It's very close to Edinburgh Castle. Most of the people working there this morning were French, and the food was extremely well prepared. I had a hot chocolate and a croissant, and Glenn chose the quiche and salad, with a delicious small pot of tea. About 12 pounds, to sit in. (It's slightly cheaper if you do the take-away option). In a moment of wild abandon we bought ourselves a couple of macaron's to enjoy later in the day, and they were delicious as well. I will be thinking of La Barantine the next time we flyer (it's so close to the Royal Mile).

Not too far from La Barantine, there is a clothing shop called Walker Slater. The clothes are classic, well tailored and expensive. The displays in the windows were so adorable I had to take photos of them all. Fine woolen vests and jackets, beautifully tailored linen shirts, classic ladies oxford shoes and short boots made entirely of leather. They had a men's shop and a ladies shop along the same street. I talked Glenn into trying on a jacket in the men's shop and a 38R fit him to a tee. Nearly 300 pounds. Maybe next week, when our ship comes in. It was all so Downton Abbey! With outfits like that Lady Grantham would certainly ask us to tea.

We ankled back to Surgeon's Hall to ask our box office if we'd sold any tickets for Mondays show. I knew if we'd only sold a few, we'd be flyering on the mile. We'd sold four tickets for Monday, so I donned a costume. Instead of a bridal gown , I wore the wedding singers outfit. I had on high heeled boots, sequined pants and shirt, and a beaded and sequined bright turquoise colored jacket with platinum blonde hair and bright red lipstick. It's actually a fairly sedate outfit for the Royal Mile, but any kind of a costume is a drawing point.

Two hours and a couple hundred flyers later, we decided to take a break, (from flyering anyway.) After changing into regular clothes we finally ate at the new café right next to our venue. It's called Café 1505, and it's next to venue 53, on Nicolson Street. Another gastronomical success! I'll try and describe our early supper/late lunch. Glenn's plate had spinach salad, with radish/pesto/potato and pea, and a hot dish made with sweet potato and feta cheese. Delicious. I had a cup of their sweet potato and coconut milk soup, with a sun dried tomato and basil scone. Because we're performing at theSpace, they could swipe our performers badge and we got 10 percent off of the bill. So the total was just over 11 pounds. It's so close to where we're staying, and the food was delicious.

Café 1505 has wi-fi which allowed me to obsessively check my email account for news of our teenage daughter Mabel. After her debate camp ended, she'd driven alone, from Minneapolis to her grandparents condo in Moorhead, Minnesota, a trip of 240 miles. The last communication I got from her, was a short email, saying "I'm tired, and I'm going to take a nap before I leave." And then... nothing. I found out late today, that she'd made it to Moorhead just fine, but absolutely no other details were forthcoming. My sister Karen has been very patient with my excessive emailing, regarding our daughter Mabel.

I doubt other parents have problems with communicating with their teenagers. That's probably something only we have to deal with.