Emails be damned; Hillary Clinton will be a Great President

The constant drip, drip, drip of Hillary's and her staff's emails being released by hackers is simply a distraction from the real issues of the campaign. It appears Russian hackers are responsible and conspiring with the criminal who founded WikiLeaks to help Republicans distract voters from the deranged, sexist, misogynist, bully who is their candidate. Unfortunately and apparently to hype ratings and sell newspapers the media is buying into the distraction hook, line and sinker.

Inaccurate or hyped reporting of what turns out to be nothing, make it impossible for people to fully comprehend the reality Hillary Clinton's complex network of extensive contacts, both here in the United States and around the world, is really a good thing for America. Those contacts built up over decades of public service have led to her proven ability to work successfully across the aisle and pass legislation in Congress; and to successfully develop broad coalitions on a myriad of issues at home and abroad.

Hillary has been in the public eye since giving the student graduation speech at Wellesley in 1969. Close to fifty years ago. Her resume and experiences are extensive as is her list of activities and accomplishments. Her email contact list naturally includes everyday people, constituents, community leaders and activists, society figures, politicians, Hollywood celebrities, campaign donors and world leaders; and those world leaders are also on her speed dial. All the people she has worked with over the years. So yes people will send her and her staff emails with ideas and suggestions on everything from vacation spots and restaurants, to how to handle the world's problems. They will want favors ranging from jobs for themselves and friends to invites to the White House to having a birthday card from Hillary sent to their 100 year old mother.

Hillary's use of a private email server was a mistake and she has apologized over and over and said she wouldn't do it again and she has learned from her mistake. What is clear when looking at Hillary's accomplishments is that her wide range of contacts have made her more effective in every role she has had.

She talked with poor parents wanting a better education for their children when she successfully led the task force to improve education in Arkansas while at the same time having access to leaders in the education field; teachers, education strategists and union presidents. She could reach out to an Israeli educator, Avima Lombard, she first heard of and contacted in 1985, about a successful reading program which Hillary eventually introduced to educators and parents in the United States.

When Hillary took on the healthcare issue nationally and wasn't successful she changed her focus to providing healthcare for poor children. She was able to talk to the mothers of children in need of healthcare as well as presidents of pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. She used all information she gleaned from those conversations to help design the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). A program that today still serves about eight million children.

People having access to and contacting Hillary for help, to give her ideas, or just pass on their thoughts, shouldn't bother anyone. If we are honest each of us uses the people we know when needing help with something. Hillary just has more friends and a much wider contact list than most of us.

Every time the news media tries to implicate Hillary for doing something wrong when they get their hands on a hacked email either she or her staff sent or received from one of her contacts my first thought is to ask them 'did you ever call a friend to get your child an internship, or an interview'? Did your contacts ever ask you for something? Which contacts do you use to get a story and how do those contacts try to use you? Why is that different? The real issue isn't the request; it's how the request is handled.

It has never been shown that when Hillary has helped someone get a job, helped them get health insurance, put someone in contact with another person, or simply passed on suggestions she received that it has hurt our country or someone else in any way.

In fact the ability she has to access her incredible network gives her the chance to hear the widest possible opinions before she makes a decision. One can criticize her final decision, but it is insane to attack her ability to reach out or have people reach out to her with their thoughts.

Maybe it's time we asked the news media to publicly release their emails. Who knows the sleazy and questionable sources for their stories? We could even see which pompous commentator a TV host gave a leg-up to by having them appear on their show.

Maybe it's time the media asked every politician they interview who wants to talk about Hillary's emails to first release their own. We could find out which people Governors and Members of Congress communicate with; see who they listen to and who they grant favors too or ask favors from. If that happened and the public saw who other politicians deal with they may well recognize Hillary's contacts are so much more valuable and far reaching and would begin looking not just at the email that was sent or received; but rather what Hillary did with the request or suggestion.

I trust Hillary's breadth of experience and intelligence give her the ability to handle email requests and suggestions, from any source, in the appropriate way.

One thing is becoming increasingly clear; emails be damned; people across the country including Democrats, Republicans and Independents are recognizing our nation's future and that of the world will be in much better hands if Hillary Clinton is President.

They all understand the alternative is much too scary to even contemplate.