Emails to MRFF from Two Kinds of Christians -- Those Asking For Our Help vs. Those Who Believe the Lies About Us

As the Senior Research Director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), I read a lot of emails that come into the foundation -- emails from supporters, from people asking for our help, and, of course, from detractors.

Because the overwhelming majority of MRFF's clients are Christians, most of the emails I read from people who have come to us for help are from Christians.

The emails from detractors are also from Christians. These Christians believe the lies coming from media outlets like Fox News and, far-right Christian organizations, and even members of Congress that MRFF is an anti-Christian organization (despite the fact that 96% of MRFF's clients are Christians) and that MRFF's founder, Mikey Weinstein, is a militant athiest who's trying to rid the military of all Christians.

While reading my emails from yesterday, it occurred to me that the best way to illustrate the difference between these two very different kinds of Christians who contact MRFF would be to simply post the last two emails I had read. The first of these two emails was from the father of an Air Force Academy cadet who had come to MRFF for help but was afraid to talk to anyone at the Academy about the incident that led him to contact MRFF. The second email was from the other type of Christian who contacts us.

From: USAF Academy Cadet's Parent's E-Mail Address Withheld

Subject: My AF Academy Cadet Son Was Right to Be Afraid

Date: November 12, 2013 9:20:32 AM MST

To: ----------

To: Mr. Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF

My name is (name withheld) and my wife and our (number withheld) children live in (city and state withheld). We have a son (name withheld) who attends the AF Academy in the Class of 20(last two numbers of USAFA class year withheld) and is currently a member of Cadet Squadron (number withheld). We are members of our local AF Academy Parents Club here in (city withheld). We are practicing (Protestant denomination withheld) and have attended (church name withheld) here in (city name withheld) for many years in fact (number of years withheld).

My wife and I write and ask you to send this on to whom it may concern but especially the head of the AF Academy Gen. Johnson. Please delete any information about our identities. It is because we and our son fear that the AF Academy would try to seek revenge against us for coming forward like this to you and the MRFF. This is the most important thing that we ask you to protect, Mr. Weinstein.

Our son was one of the cadets who came to you for help a few weeks ago. It was when his (course name withheld) instructor, (name and rank withheld) wrote on the blackboard for his whole class to see something that confused and hurt our son and our family too. (name and rank withheld) told the whole class that the "only equation they needed to use to get through this class for the semester" was "1 plus 3 equals 4". (name and rank withheld) then added some words on the blackboard to the eqation numbers so that the equation now said "1 cross plus three nails equals forgiven." Our son told us that many in the class were stunned but did not know what to do. The cadet next to my son took a picture of the equation with his phone. We have seen it and I know you have it too. When our son told us what happened later that day we advised him to report it immediately to the AF Academy. He and the other cadets would not do so he told us out of fear of facing retribution. From their professor and many others there he told us. We actually begged him to report this to AF Academy authorities. His mother cried on the phone more than once trying to get him to do this. He and 6 other cadets in that class contacted you and the MRFF. Even you were not able to convince him and the other cadets to come forward due to their fear. But we thank you for being there for them all and their families Mr. Weinstein.

But now we have seen how the AF Academy dealt with the statement e-mailed to you a few days ago by one of its official staffers (Allen Willoughby). "I am on staff at USAFA and will talk about Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior to everyone that I work with." The AF Academy saw nothing wrong here? Impossible! We are saddened as are many other families in our (city name withheld) Academy Parents Club. We now fully support our son's and the other cadets' decision not to come forward to the AF Academy about what their faculty professor (name and rank withheld) wrote on the blackboard. To (son's name withheld) and the other 6 cadets who came to you and the MRFF the AF Academy's ruling that what Willoughby wrote to you was acceptable is completely unacceptable. My wife and I feel the same way. So do many others we have talked to in (city name withheld). We would never have believed any of this had we not seen it all happen.

It is clear to us all that if our son and the other cadets had come forward they would have become targets themselves of the religious persecution at the AF Academy. And our son is a (Protestant denomination withheld) himself. He tells us that the other 6 cadets are all Christians too. My wife (name withheld) and I had never really believed all the stories we'd heard about this out of control evangelical Christian pressure at the AF Academy. Then this happened to our own son and the other cadets in his class. It is all too true to us now.

Our son was right to be afraid to come forward. We are also afraid. He feels helpless. We do too.

Thank you for standing up for us all.

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