Embarcadero Rocket Ship Sculpture Will Return To Oakland (PHOTOS)

Just weeks after the Bay became home to a new art installation, one of it's most famous pieces is blasting away.

After two years as a public art piece, the city's beloved rocketship will be removed from the Embarcadero and returned to its studio.

The sculpture, officially called the "Raygun Gothic Rocketship" is a "rococo retro-futurist future-rustic vernacular between yesterday’s tomorrow and the future that never was," according to its official web site. To everyone else, it's a 40-foot tall metallic silver rocket ship.


Five Ton Crane , the organization behind the piece, consists of volunteer artists funded by private donors. They churn out projects inspired by childhood dreams: neuron chambers, tree houses and submarines.

The Raygun Gothic Rocketship was originally built for Burning Man. The artists behind it say the piece was once launched off the ground; however, the claim is suspicious considering the sculpture does not have an engine.

It was initially intended to stay at the Embarcadero for one year. But since it was so well received, that city elected to keep it.

"People come by when we're out doing maintenance," Artist David Shulman told NBC Bay Area. "They want to tell stories of the rocket ships they played with as a kid or their grandfather telling stories about early science fiction."

For now, the rocket ship is headed back to the studio in Oakland for touch ups. It's next stop has yet to be determined.

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