Americans Are Embarrassed By Farts, Says Least Surprising Poll Ever

But we didn't realize coughing and farting simultaneously was such a problem.

The human body is remarkable in many ways and remarkably disgusting in many others.

That's the straight poop of a new survey by Wrangler that asked 2,000 Americans which "bodily offenses" they find most embarrassing.

According to the "Pee Yoo" poll, 69 percent admit experiencing being embarrassed by some kind of bodily offense at least three times each month.

Why is a company known for jeans suddenly interested in this stuff? It seems it's just released a pair of moisture-wicking jeans designed to reduce "swamp ass," the unpleasant feeling when sweat collects in the butt and crotch area.

It's a condition 30 percent of the respondents said they've suffered through.

Here are the top 10 most embarrassing bodily offenses, based on the disgusting data:

Loud Farts
SensorSpot via Getty Images
56 percent of survey takers are embarrassed by their loud farts.
Body Odor
ATIC12 via Getty Images
50 percent of those surveyed find their B.O. embarrassing.
Bad Breath
Ernestine Powell via Getty Images
45 percent find their bad breath embarrassing at times.
Simone Van den berg via Getty Images
Belching and burping embarrasses 39 percent of survey takers.
Runny Nose
9nong via Getty Images
A snotty, runny nose is embarrassing to 38 percent.
Food On Teeth
Bernd Eberle via Getty Images
32 percent are embarrassed when they get food stuck on their teeth.
Stinky Feet
Ecaterina Veclova via Getty Images
29 percent are embarrassed by the smell of their own feet.
Urine Drippage
TommL via Getty Images
Excessive urine drippage is embarrassing to 27 percent of those surveyed.
Snotty Sneezing
Betsie Van der Meer via Getty Images
Snot-filled sneezing is embarrassing to 26 percent.
Simultaneous Coughing And Farting
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images
25 percent get embarrassed when they cough and fart at the same time.

And don't think you can count on other people to help you avoid humiliating situations.

According to the survey, 87 percent said if they were unaware they were doing something embarrassing, they'd want other people to tell them.

But only 20 percent say they always tip people off when they see something someone might not know.

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