Embarrassing Phrases Your State Googles More Than Any Other

From "sandals and socks" to "Am I a virgin?" You know you've googled it.

It seems nothing is sacred, not even our Google search history.

But it's OK because it turns out we feel empowered knowing that Missourians are into "vajazzling" and that North and South Dakotans each research Limp Bizkit and lion hunting more than any other state, respectively (we're not sure which one's worse).

Using Google Trends, Ryan Nickum, the administer of the blog at real estate site Estately, input many embarrassing search phrases to see which state searched for them the most.

While not a scientific study by any means, it's certainly educational. We learned, for example, that bronies (the search most performed by people in Utah) refers to guys who really like "My Little Pony."

Read the full list on Estately.com, and see the map below:

Courtesy Estately

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post misidentified the state most interested in Bronies. It's Utah.

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